Guidelines: How To Eat Healthy At Work

Here are some simple tips to ensure you have natural and healthy food at work every single day. Having healthy food at work is not a difficult, time consuming or costly task. Most working women today are hard-pressed for time and think of nutrition as a matter of choice, and that shouldn’t be.

This can cause skipping meals or ordering food from fast-food restaurants that may neither be hygienic nor health-friendly. Following are some simple tips to ensure you have natural and healthy food every single day.

  1. Wash and steam raw vegetables or fruits such as spring onions, apples, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots for 5 minutes and carry them to work.
  2. Use a simple grilling machine to grill fish fillets or chicken breasts in less than 8 minutes.
  3. Prepare some extra dinner and take the leftover food to your office next day. Have this meal for lunch. It’s a better option than ordering junk food.
  4. Natural protein supplements can be used when you really have no time to spare. Have these supplements with milk and shake your way to health.
  5. Increase your intake of water and other fluids to keep yourself well hydrated. This is a natural stress buster.

Perils of Eating at the Desk You may have noticed that working women today, instead of having an elaborate lunch or meal in their cafeteria, opt to eat at their desks. Reasons could be plenty but this tags along other problems including:

  1. Tendency to over-eat since focus is more on work than the food lying on the table. In such situations, it becomes difficult to keep track of the quantity you are eating. Such multitasking just ends up in mindless eating.
  2. Low circulation of blood since your muscles become rigid and cold because of immobility and lack of stretching. Cold muscles do not just make you inflexible but increase your risk of being accident prone.
  3. Bacteria build up in food stored for longer periods of time. People who have food at their desk usually put off meal times longer than usual. Increased drop in food temperature makes it a breeding ground for bacteria.
  4. Dust, grime and other miscreants are more often found at the desk rather than the cafeteria for the simple reason that it does not get cleaned as often as it should. To offset these perils, ensure you are aware of what you bring to your mouth. Bring lunch or snacks rather than ordering for fast food or foods laden with fat. Take every opportunity to be on the move.

Sanitize and clean your desk and use place mats while eating. Do not make eating at the desk a habit.   Stay healthy ladies, and have a great weekend!