Guide to the Perfect Beauty Sleep

For many people, getting to sleep in the first place is the difficult part. When your head is swimming with thoughts, ideas, stresses and mental to-do lists, it can be tricky to switch off and relax – and worrying about not getting enough sleep only adds to the problem. The NHS recommends sticking to a regular bedtime regime, to create consistency before you attempt to sleep. Your body and mind need the opportunity to slowly de-stress and relax, so consider the following as pre-bed rituals.

Listen To Music

Sync Project is a company devoted to using music as “medicine”, measuring how music can affect biometrics such as heart rate, brain activity, and sleep patterns. Unwind is a personalized music experience designed to promote sleep – just visit on your smartphone and enjoy a tailor-made music experience created to lull you into a relaxed state.


Have A Bath

A warm bath helps the body to reach a temperature ideal for rest, as well as being a relaxing activity in itself. Amp up the sleeping potential by using a lavender-based bath oil – Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil is excellent, while the entire This Works Deep Sleep range is based on promoting quality sleep.


Cut Back On Caffeine

As relaxing as a cup of milky Earl Grey might seem just before bed, your body won’t thank you for the caffeine hit. Swap it out for a good-quality herbal tea – better still one designed to aid sleep, such as Pukka’s award-winning Night Time.

Go Analogue

Since you shouldn’t be looking at any screens before bed, you’ll need another activity to fill the time. Try a spot of gentle yoga (the stretching will help your body relax, too), or read a book to distract you from the day’s worries.