Grooming is a mans’ job

Once in a while every man goes through the dreaded experience of skin care issues like razor bumps, fine lines, cracked lips, blackheads and breakouts; This can be extremely frustrating and irritating to look at. Let your skin thank you by adopting these products into your skincare routine, leaving your skin in tiptop form all through the coming harmattan season.

  1. A proper shaving foam; A very good shaving foam takes the skin type and texture into consideration before anything else. It does not burn or darken the skin.

2. Neutrogena Acne Wash: while man grooming, Unclog your pore with an oil-free acne wash. Beautiful skin with no bumps or spots is always a plus with the ladies.

3. A very good face lotion: Yes, face lotion as opposed to regular lotion does a good job of keeping pores free and leaving the skin hydrated for a very long time.

4. Lip Balm: Trust me she will always want to move in for a smooch if your lip game is on point.No woman wants to kiss chapped and scaley lips.

5. A post shave Balm: keep those razor burns, bumps and darkened skin at bay with a very good post shave balm. After the skin has been agitated during shaving, a soothing balm is a reliable man grooming secret.

A strict Routine when man grooming  beyond just regular washing and shaving the face is a sure way to keep wrinkles, greasy skin and razor burns at bay. This time you have a good excuse when your girlfriend finds you using her product.