Gone Too Far: Makeup Trends that need to go.

Honestly speaking, there’s runway trends and there’s runaway trends. Each year, few beauty looks take over social media and the red carpet, serving up major hair and makeup inspiration. But there are always a few trends that leave us confused. As 2016 has gone by, we’re reflecting on some of those trends we’d rather not see in 2017. Wild hair colors, extremely chiseled cheekbones and wacky nail designs, take a step back.

Here’s what we hope stays behind to make room for more wearable trends in 2017.

Unicorn Inspired makeup

This year, people embraced their “inner unicorns”  instead of just during halloween. We saw everything from unicorn tears to braided horns and dreamy rainbow looks. While it’s definitely a fun millennial fad, it’s not for everyone.


A never ending smokey eye

A smokey eye needs dimension and more than one color, not just black and a deeper black. It needs to end. Please don’t allow your smokey eye go from lash to brow. Give your sexy eyes a little shape, not just a big oval. No one wants to look like a panda bear.

Maximal Highlighting

There’s a huge difference between glowy and sparkly. Highlighting is great, but if not applied in moderation, it can take away from the rest of your makeup.

Extreme Contouring

This is nothing new really, but thanks to social media it became one of the year’s most talked about trends. Everyone loves a chiseled bone structure, but painting your face like a clown to get started is just too much work. Soft and easy contour does it better

So yes ladies, definitely not all makeup trends need to stay this year. We really hope these awful trends won’t be reintroduced this year for the love of beauty and makeup.