Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Facial hair is a real problem for many women and for most its a very uncomfortable experience. You have probably tried everything without any result, here is something else you could try.


– 1 tablespoon of flour

– 1 teaspoon of sugar

– 1 egg


Mix well all the ingredients, until you obtain a paste that is like a glue. Be sure that the mixture has the glue consistency, in order to achieve the desired effect. Apply the paste on your face, especially on the hairy areas and leave it to act 15 minutes, until it dries. After that, remove the mask from your face, by peeling. After peeling, you can wash your face. The result will be amazing.

Do not forget! After you removed the hair from your face, use a moisturizing and calming cream. You can repeat the process from time to time to be sure that hair do not reappear again.