Necessity is the mother of invention and that best describes the advent of Ezinne Alfa into beauty blogging. Having just returned to Nigeria after sojourning abroad, Ezinne said it took her a while to know where to get beauty products and services that she needed. As she made enquiries and researched, she decided to share her information with others through her beauty blog.

Ezinne Alfa is now one of the foremost female beauty bloggers in Nigeria, and in her words, “Beauty blogging is vast, it is about sharing knowledge about beauty in any form the person finds comfortable. So to blog in any form, you must have a passion for beauty and be willing to share.” Her blog, created mainly as a means to share all beauty related information in Nigeria and also as a reaction to the fact that people did not understand what a beauty blog was at the time, is now a reliable platform for wholesome beauty tips.

Here are 7 beauty facts you should know about The Ace Beauty Blogger;

  1. She can’t do without her eyeliner
  2. She exfoliates twice a week
  3. If she had to choose between letting eye shadow, lipstick, concealer or bronzers go, she would choose concealer.
  4. Her favorite hair color is red
  5. Recommending 3 tips for good skin: Exfoliate; always take off your make-up and SPF
  6. She would rather have straight hair on
  7. And heels are an everyday affair for her.

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