Enter A Free Fertility Treatment Contest by ‘Little Miracles’ (Fertility Treatment Support Foundation)

It is not to be contested that the rise in infertility amongst married couples have become prevalent. The challenges of conceiving and carrying the pregnancy to term has become a daunting challenge, and that is why there is the need for aggressive approaches in reducing the many cases of infertility to a minimum. And that is exactly what the FTSF is about.

Fertility Treatment Support Foundation, is a foundation geared towards providing free fertility screening and treatment, for fertility challenged couples who desire to become parents, but cannot afford the regular fertility and IVF treatments required in some cases.

The foundation was birthed in 2008, and has in the past seven years provided free treatments to over 126 couples across the country, thus giving succour and hope to many couples and further strengthening their faith that they would one day become parents.

The theme for the 2015 contest is called ‘Little Miracles’, and will provide free fertility screening for 15 couples and free fertility treatment for 5 lucky couples. The organisers of this contest have had successful pregnancies in the past through such free treatments, but unfortunately, none of the conceptions were carried to term. But they are optimistic that they would be able to have not just successful conceptions but successful deliveries in this years’ contest, which is why they have initiated a series called the ‘Little Miracles’ Diaries, which will chronicle the entire process up to the delivery of the babies.

The foundation has had immense support from their partners and private organisations as well as individuals, but will also appreciate more support from government agencies and private and public sectors.

The line-up of progammes for the fertility treatment are as follows

Kick off for the contest: 17th September 2015 (Started)

Entries close: 18th October 2015 (Ends)

Draw event and announcement of winners: 25th October 2015

Little Miracle Diaries: November 2015-2016

To participate send SMS/text titled FREE IVF, followed by your phone number and name of couple to 09081190600 or 08080800156. A couple can send the same details individually (with two different telephone numbers) to increase their chances of winning. Selection will be done electronically.