When you see all the glam looks on and off the runway or on celebrities, their smoky eyes are always the focal point of their entire look.

Believe or not, you can create this look at home in 8 minutes with 3 very simple steps.

Items needed

Eye primer/Body lotion

Eyeliner (Gel/ Pencil)


Clean your eyelids and apply a small amount of lotion on your eyelids to prevent them from looking crusty.


Apply your eyeliner and line all around each eye. Start from the eyelid and go round from the eyelid to the bottom of your eye. Apply a thicker line on your eyelid and a thinner line on the bottom of your eye.


Take a small angle brush and carefully smudge the liner on your eyelid. Smudge evenly and make sure not to overdo it so you do not reduce the darkness of the eyeliner.

And viola!! Your smoky eye is done.

P.S- The give it a more glamorous look, apply 2 coats of mascara on your lashes.

Let us know what you think about this technique.