Dos and Don’ts Of Make-Up Application


  • Always apply a moisturizer, primer and skin toner before the foundation or powder is applied.
  • Eye shadow is applied on the inner eye to make the eyes defined and make a statement.
  • Using a lip liner makes the lips appear fuller and bolder.
  • Eyebrows Must always be above the brow bone when drawn and properly brushed so they look natural.
  • Mascara should be used properly to make the eyelashes have volume and look longer.
  • Bright eye shadow colours look better on dark-skinned people because it makes their eye pop.
  • Use a synthetic brush to apply liquid foundation. A natural brush will absorb most of the foundation and give you less coverage.


  • People with full lips shouldn’t wear brightly colored lipsticks like like red or very light pink.
  • People with small eyes shouldn’t apply dark colored eye shadow because it hides their eyes.
  • Never apply two brightly colored eye shadows. The first one should be light and contoured with a darker shade.
  • Foundation should never be applied directly on skin without any form of moisturiser. This can lead to pimples and acne.
  • Don’t apply eyeliner haphazardly within the lower eye.Smudged eyeliner ages you significantly.
  • Try as much as possible not to draw over exaggerated eyebrows. The pencils are for definition,not for creative drawing ladies.