DIY! Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Ponytail

Have you been wondering how reality star gets her famous slick ponytail done?

Reality star Kim Kardashian-West is known for her signature simple, slick and effortless ponytail

The hairstyle which has become her signature hair look – which leaves ladies green with envy- is one she wears almost across events; whether casually running errands or on red carpets (for red carpets, she powers it up with a glossy shine and usually at its slickest).

The way she keeps the effortless look glamorous yet simple, easy yet dressy and all round perfect is definitely one ladies are dying to learn about ( a slick/perfect ponytail isn’t as easy to style/wear as it looks). She wears hers a little low but sleek, tight and very neat!

Kim Kardashian gets tended to for hair and makeup everyday but she shares behind the scene video for her famous ponytail look and here’s how she gets the look via her stylist in easy steps above.