DIY: Homemade Recipes For Foot Smoothing Treatment

We just came across Buckingham’s three-ingredient recipe for a make-at-home foot-smoothing treatment, I decided to share for the benefit of all battling a rough foot.

Even the most experienced beauty hack-er might not think to spread aspirin all over her feet. But in all honesty, to get a softer feet, you can give it a try. It is very easy to achieve.

  1. Crush five or six aspirin pills. You could also toss them in a plastic ziplock bag and mash with a spoon).
  1. Mix the crushed pills in a bowl with a half-teaspoon each of water and lemon juice.
  1. Coat your feet—focusing on any particularly callused areas—with the mixture, and then and cover with a warm cloth for ten minutes.

Want to leave your foot-softening to the store-bought (or salon-employed) professionals? This DIY remedy is just one way to save some money and as well enjoy the comfort of your home.