Deal With Dry Skin!

by Fifunmi Osinubi.

For those of us who have dry skin and aren’t quite sure how to deal with it, here’s how:

  • HYDRATE                

This is so very important. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Say no to soda, coffee and hot tea. It wouldn’t really help the way clean water would. Also for your dry skin be sure to take warm baths. In the shower be sure to use any kind of moisturizing body wash. This would help a lot with your dry skin.


Well, of course! You saw this coming, i know. That’s because it really is so important. For dry skin you have to moisturize a lot especially if your skin is really dry you will have to use a very strong moisturizer.  Be sure not to use shea butter as a moisturizer because it clogs your pores.


Apart from moisturizing and hydrating, you should also be sure to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Also after a long day of wearing makeup be sure to remove it gently and using the right face masks for your dry skin.