Dare to Colour!

Change is the only constant in life; well change should happen to your hair color once in a while too. Dare to be bold and redefine yourself with the limitless range of colors for your hair. Be it extensions or dye, there are many colors to try out. Here are 5 really exciting colors to try out!


ICY PLATINUM: Draw attention to yourself by coloring your hair an icy platinum blonde! This daring hair color idea makes a statement without going too far outside the box. Platinum hair is great for those who want to pump up their already blonde hair color! If you naturally have dark hair, this look could be damaging to your hair so make sure you go to a professional.


ORANGE: This daring hair color idea may sound scary, but it’s actually quite beautiful when done properly! Start with a blonde base and add an orangey shade to get the ideal orange hair color. Leave some blonde highlights to enhance the look and add dimension to this gorgeous hair color!


CERULEAN: This color is the most magical of them all, nothing gets this attractive when it comes to air color. Sometimes its so beautifully unreal that you cant help want to touch it when you see it! It’s a most try for every woman, making the face a whole lot lighter and giving the happiness effect to your look.


PALE VIOLET: It’s pale alright but it’s far from ordinary! This color adds a sultry glow to your face and goes well with both bold and calm makeup looks. Known as Kelly Osbourne’s signature look, they way she pairs it with whatever color she wants, mixing tones and blocking colors, tells you that this color is a definite winner!

RED! Yes, no color list is complete without red! This is a classic legend, it changes almost everything about your appearance making you look: powerful, bold, strong and beautiful. This color has been rocked by famous celebrities, and is a timeless trend.

5 colors, but 1 of them is definitely the next color for you!