Cut out Crow’s Feet

Thanks to squinting, smiling and spending time in the sun, the fragile skin around the eyes form these inevitable branching lines. There are still a few remedies you can use to keep them at bay and keep that smoothness around your eyes.

1. Don’t Pass Up on Sleep: When you don’t get enough sleep, the body’s hormone production is out of balance, making you produce less of the hormones used to repair tissues. Your body also produces more stress hormone cortisol which breaks down collagen, causing the skin to lose elasticity.

2. Hydration: Increasing your water intake helps keep the skin hydrated so it doesn’t feel and look like a piece of parchment. When the skin is dehydrated, crow’s feet and dark circles are more pronounced.

3.Get some eye cream: The delicate skin around your eyes is thinner and less fatty than the skin elsewhere on your face and thus requires extra attention when moisturizing. Look for an eye cream with hydrating ingredients like gylcerine, squalene, peptides and cucumber.

4.Always use Sunscreen: Sun protection is very crucial when you intend to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Daily application of sunscreen help prevent the free radical damage and photo-aging that cause crow’s feet.