Common Lipstick Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

You are probably using lipstick the same way that you always have, and you might be making some mistakes that no one has ever told you about before. Beautiful lipstick can change your whole look and make you feel more confident too, so read these five common mistakes that people make with lipstick and see if any of them apply to you.

Not exfoliating: If you don’t take care of your lips, then they can easily become dry and chapped. The simplest way to exfoliate your lips is by gently rubbing them with a mixture of sugar granules added to olive oil.

Starting from the wrong point: Another common mistake that people make is that they start applying their lipstick form the wrong starting place. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to apply lipstick! The recommended place to start is in the middle of your lips. This makes it easier to apply the lipstick more evenly and it will help stop you going outside the lip line.

Using the wrong lipstick shade for your lip shape: As a general rule, dark lipstick will make your lips look thinner and light lipstick will make them look larger. If you have thin lips, you should use a lighter shade to avoid making your lips look even thinner. If you have fuller lips, then the opposite will be true and darker shades will probably suit you better than light ones.

Applying lipstick outside the lip line: If you have thin lips, then you might be tempted to try and create the illusion of larger lips by extending your lipstick beyond the lip line. This can look really unnatural and unattractive, so if you want fuller looking lips, try using a lip plumper or you could apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the center of your lips.

Letting lipstick get on your teeth: To avoid this makeup mistake, always blot your lipstick with a tissue to remove any excess product and then put your finger in your mouth, shape your mouth into an “O” around it and then, remove your finger slowly. Any lipstick that was in danger of getting onto your teeth will now be on your finger instead.