Colour Like a Celeb

It has been proven that a good lip colour can transform a look from simply pretty to jaw-droppingly stunning. The good news is that applying lip colour is so easy that just about everyone can handle it.

Here are a few lip colour ideas for you to try.


Two-tone lips look lush and full, and this beautiful version relies on a classic combination of red-based hues, so it’s daring without being too out-there.


Purple lips with too much of a blue base can range from goth to hypothermic, but the warm, fuchsia-infused tone here is as fun as it is flattering. Combined with a lilac-tinged blush and lots of mascara, it’s utter perfection.


How swoon-worthy is that vibrant pinkish purple? The best part: This is a shade that’s flattering on just about anyone.

Metallic gold

Glint-y gilded lips are a look, to be sure—a really freaking cool one. The bend is next to none.


A lip color this dark is usually moody and dramatic; but when it’s paired with rosy cheeks and dewy skin, there’s something upbeat and party-ready about it.

Shiny Orchid

Lupita Nyong’o is the queen of pulling off any makeup color, but this vibrant orchid purple is surprisingly wearable for mere mortals, too. The high-shine finish makes it all the more eye-catching.

So, there you have it. why not let your guard down and try some of the out?