Ciaté London is releasing the first liquid chrome nail polish


Unfortunately, there was only one way of achieving the metallic nails of dreams and that was by visiting a nail salon, where they buff the nails with metallic powder to get that intense chrome finish. That was until now because one of our favorite makeup and nail brands have just announced that they are launching the first ever liquid chrome nail polish and it looks INCREDIBLE.

It’s like actual molten metal.

Taking to Instagram, Ciate revealed the first ever liquid mirror chrome nail polish was a staggering three years in the making and doesn’t require any gel or powder, it’s just a ‘regular’ nail polish.

Ciate haven’t released any further details except by teasing us saying that it’s coming soon. But we’re already hoping that they have plans to extend the shade range because we are literally foaming at the mouth at the idea of a rose gold chrome polish.