Causes Of Wrinkles And How To Tackle It

Women resort to so many things to get rid of wrinkles on skin. However, if one acts on the causes and prevent wrinkles, there would not be any problem. To prevent wrinkles on skin, it is important to know the main causes of wrinkles.

1. Using cosmetic products Cosmetics make you look good, right? Think again, because cosmetics can also be a main cause of wrinkles on skin. Cosmetics have harmful chemicals, which cause wrinkles over the period. Even organic cosmetics can cause harm to your skin. It is better to avoid makeup, if it is not necessary. Use natural products to enhance your beauty.

2. Exposure to sun Sun rays damage your skin and cause wrinkles. Too much sun exposure causes fine lines around eyes and lips. It is advisable to apply sunscreen, every time you step out in sun to prevent wrinkles.

3. Dehydration Did you know that dehydration causes wrinkles on skin? By not drinking enough water, the skin tends to dry up. The skin is not able to generate new cells, which cause wrinkles and lines on skin. It is important to have maximum liquids in your daily diet to prevent this problem.

4. Smoking Women who smoke are more likely to get wrinkles on face. As regular smoking causes reduced blood supply in the body. That in turn causes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. To prevent the problem, one has to quit smoking or reduce the same.

5. Inadequate diet Having an inadequate diet causes wrinkles on skin. For prevention of wrinkles, it is important to have a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. A balanced diet plan helps to maintain a youthful skin and prevents wrinkles. Have at least two portions of veggies and three portions of fruits daily.

6. Aging A major cause for wrinkles on skin is aging. With age, there is a loss of moisture and elasticity. The skin tends to lose its natural shine, which causes wrinkles. There are many anti aging creams, which might help to deal with aging and wrinkles.

7. Facial movements Too many facial movements or expressions cause wrinkles on skin. Smiling and squinting leads to lines around eyes and lips, facial yoga might help in dealing with this problem.

8. Excessive intake of caffeine Wrinkles on skin can be caused by various other factors. Excessive intake of caffeine or tea might also cause wrinkles.