Budget Beauty Tips And Tricks Every Girl Should Try

Given half the chance, some of us would spend every last kobo that we have on beauty products, there’s always something out there we need: a shade of mascara we haven’t tried yet, a lip-gloss that’s 100% guaranteed to stay glossy for up to eight hours and so many more. Sometimes there’s just not enough money to go around, so here are a few budget beauty tips and tricks to help you cut the cost of staying beautiful.

Vaseline: So the name doesn’t exactly invoke visions of the most glamorous beauty product that money can buy and you don’t particularly want to be seen with a bargain, super-size tub of it in your handbag but Vaseline is truly a cheap, multi-purpose product. Cheaper than a lip gloss and a chap-stick, more effective on dry lips than many expensive, scented lip balms and it can be used on high points of your cheekbones as a highlighter.

Olive Oil: If you’ve run out of eye makeup remover, then there’s no need for a trip to the makeup store, just go into your kitchen. Olive oil works just as well and it makes a good, natural moisturizer and body lotion as well.

Recycle those mascara wands: When your mascara has run out, save the wand. Wash it clean with warm water and soap and you can use it as an eyebrow brush.

Use whitening toothpaste on your fingernails: Nail polish can leave stains behind on your finger nails, but giving your nails a quick scrub with some whitening toothpaste will soon sort that out.

Baby powder for hair: If your hair gets greasy quickly and you don’t have time to wash it, freshen it up with a light dusting of baby powder. It reduces the oily look and smells good too, but don’t overdo it or it will look the worst case of dandruff ever.