Best Makeup Ideas For Church Purposes

For church purposes, makeup should be natural and conservative in style and color. Although you shouldn’t be judged by your makeup but for church its best to tone it down. Moderation is your best friend when it comes to how you dress and look to church so bear it in mind that you should steer clear of dramatic make-overs so you will not come across as cheap or fake.

Eye Make-up

If you want to apply eye shadow make sure its two toned or mono toned. If you are going for a two toned look which is much more loud and dramatic then make sure your lip color is neutral and light. The attention would be on your eyes of cause but at least your entire face would look relaxed and calm. If you are going for a mono-toned eye shadow, consider a vibrant color, pair it with a dark shade nude lipstick.

Lip Color

Choosing a loud lip color also means toning down on your eye makeup, this way attention is brought to your lips, add color to your cheeks so that your entire face would look subtly and soft. Avoid matte or way to loud lipstick, stay clear of the Gothic and dramatic lips. Go with nudes, cool and warm colors.

Natural Look

This is probably the best look to rock, you can achieve this by putting on foundation for coverage, drawing your eyebrows or just shading, then opting for a lipstick color that suit the tone of your natural lips. The natural look is just as the name applies, everything on your face looks bright and warm. Add a little bit of blush to add color to your face.