Beauty Trend: Shattered Glass Nail Art

Broken glass nails are the latest nail art trend you need to try. You need to try this Shattered or broken Glass Nail Art that has been making its rounds on Pintrest, Salons and Instagram.

The look first originated in South Korea and was created by a salon owner – Eunkyung Park (owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul). It features a glassy surface that can easily be achieved with some strips of cellophane, carefully placed over already painted nails.

But when it comes to loving D-I-Y, there’s always a way to achieve this fab nail look at home. Here are the simple tools you need;

  • – Nail polish of your choice
  • – A topcoat
  • – Colourful cellophane
  • – Scissors (to cut little pieces of the cellophane)
  • – Tweezers to place the cellophane pieces on your nails
  • – Nail adhesive (to help the cellophane pieces stick on for longer)