Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

We’ve all been hearing about the impressive health benefits that drinking a cup of green tea offers, not much has been written about its beauty benefits. Green tea has an impressive list of skin and hair care benefits. Keep reading to find out the beauty benefits of green tea.

Exfoliate skin: The slight rough texture of dry green tea leaves helps exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities. Mix together 1 tablespoon of dried green tea, 1 cup of sugar, ½ cup of extra-virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of raw honey. Apply it on your face and/or body and gently rub it in circular motions. Finally, rinse it off with warm water.

Shrinks open pores: Due to its antioxidant and astringent properties, green tea can help shrink enlarged pores that tends to get clogged and eventually get infected with bacteria. Thus, it will help smooth and tighten your skin.

Works as skin toner: This popular beverage also works as a natural toner for your skin. Brew 2 cups of green tea and allow it to cool, add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. Put the solution in a clean spray bottle, spray the solution on your face or apply it with a cotton ball twice daily. People with skin conditions, such as psoriasis and rosacea, can also use this solution.

Improves skin complexion: Green tea improves your skin complexion and makes your skin healthy. Cut open 2 used green tea bags and scoop out their contents, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of raw honey. Mix in a little lemon juice, apply it on your face and allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use this face mask once or twice a week.