Beautrybox Men: Quick Grooming Tips For The Modern Guy

The modern man knows the importance of grooming but in a fast paced world with seemingly little time to focus on such minute details, here are some quick grooming tips that could be exercised in little time.

Get a haircut. With the exception of men on dreadlocks and a afro, getting a haircut is essential in getting and maintaining a civil look. This should be done once in every two weeks. The shorter your hair, the more upkeep it needs.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize . Having skin that looks like harmattan never ended is so not cool. Your face isn’t the only thing that needs moisturizing. Your body does too. Grab a fast-absorbing lotion and apply it preferably right after your shower, concentrating on rough patches like the feet and elbows.

Wear Deodorant

This seems like a men’s hygiene no-brainer, but whether it’s using deodorant or antiperspirant, many men don’t follow this simple guideline as frequently as they should. Many men also might not realize the difference between the two products.

“A deodorant gets rid of odor caused by sweating, while antiperspirants actually stop and dry up perspiration. Let’s make our daily commune in buses a much easier and better smelling trip.

4.   Clip Those Nails

When it comes to men’s hygiene steps that attract a potential mate, neat and well-groomed nails are high on the list. “If your nails are long enough to collect dirt, they are too long. Also, it’s okay to use hand lotion or cream to keep them soft and prevent calluses and cracking.”

5. Brush and floss. Not only will everyone love you but you’ll feel better about yourself if you keep your teeth clean. No one cares if they are perfectly straight and snow white, all that matters is that they’re clean and your breath doesn’t smell.