Aloe For Better Skin

Aloe has lots of medicinal and cosmetic properties, no need to invest a small fortune for a silky, stretched and bright  skin. Just use this simple trick and benefit of the healing power of nature. The great advantage of this method is that you have to use only one ingredient, aloe vera, and the results will be absolutely stunning.


1. Wash well the leaves before using
The first step is washing the plant without peeling off the protective cover.
2. Soak the leaves
Press the leaves gently with your finger to soften them.
3. Cut them in half
Choose a few leaves of medium size and cut them in half. The leaves should be fresh, so don’t cut larger portions, just as much as you need.
4. Cut the leaf edges
To peel the leaves of aloe, you must crop the edges first with a sharp knife. Cut leaves extremities symmetrically to facilitate the peeling process of the protective coating.
5. Grind them with hands
Break and grind the leaves with your hands. If it’s necessary, you can use a knife.
6. Squeeze the juice
With a spoon, collect the dripping juice from leaves. Squeeze as much juice as possible, don’t waste anything. Then put the juice in a bowl.
7. Rub your facial skin with the gel
Using your fingers, gently massage the gel on the skin. The gel will dry easily, just like a regular facial mask. For best results, leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
8. Remove the mask
Finally, remove the mask by rinsing with warm water. Don’t use soap because the mask will lose its beneficial effects.
9. Dry your face by dabbing it with a soft towel
Dab your facial skin easily with a soft towel, and that’s all. You’ll be amazed of how beautiful and healthy your skin will look! Use this procedure several times a week for lasting results.