All Year Glow Remedies

Tanning can be tedious, but don’t swap sunny spots for heating beds. Check out these at-home faux-color applications for sun-kissed skin without the risky rays.

Here are a few self-tanners to accomplish that seasonal glow;

1. Fake Bake Flawless: Sun-kissed stems are a must in the summertime, and you can get the look for significantly less than you would at the salon. Massage your tan onto skin using Fake Bake’s Flawless bronzer that’s a) easy to apply via a smoothing glove and b) creating a golden tint on every skin tone with an exclusive triple-tan formula that extends each wear.

Fake Bake Flawless

2. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: From your favorite celebs (that Kim Kardashian glow, though) to the everyday woman, St. Tropez has become a favorite among the faux-tanning community. This classic massage-on lather is super lightweight, and adheres to your skin tone for sun-kissed color that looks completely natural!

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

3. Million Dollar Tan Cabana Tan Extreme: Taking tan to the extreme, this sunless step-up from the brand’s signature Cabana Tan formula is an intense tanner for darker complexions, or simply for those desperate to go dark during the all-too-pale winter months.

Million Dollar Tan Cabana Tan Extreme

4. Sephora Collection Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist: Sprays are often a no-no in this editor’s book, but Sephora’s self-tanner is a safe bet. We’re impressed with its use of mango extract that not only gives skin a soft touch, but that also offers protection and reparative properties. With vitamin E providing a burst of hydration and antioxidant benefits, it’s a spray-on, rub-in formula that may be sunless but always looks flawless.

Sephora Collection Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist

5. Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner with Mitt: Infused with maracuja oil – a natural substance derived from passionflower – to add a little extra moisture, Tarte’s self-tanner provides a polished, sun-kissed bronze that’s as beautiful as it is beneficial to the skin.