African Stretching Method; Banding

by Monjola Adeboye

Type 4 hair is one of the most difficult to take care of, if it isn’t properly moisturized and conditioned, which is why you need to keep your hair in tip top moisture levels at all times. One of the features of properly conditioned hair though, is shrinkage. Yeah, that’s right, shrinkage. Shrinkage is your friend, ladies (and gents).

There’s no point in going through all the trouble of conditioning your hair if all that moisture is only going to evaporate when you try to stretch it by straightening or curling it. Which is why the African method of banding to straighten your hair has become so popular. The no heat movement is strong this year, and everyone is finding alternative ways to let their true length show.

Banding involves wrapping your hair in sections to keep your coils elongated, with elastic bands or goody bands. Typically, an elastic is wrapped around a section of hair from root to ends.

Banding is much less damaging than blow drying the hair and is also more effective at providing stretch than some other methods such as regular braiding and twisting.