A Nail Polish You Can Spray On

What would you say if you knew there exist a spray nail polish? Well, there is one and you can totally buy it. It is the Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish, a nail polish that you spray onto your fingers, like spray paint. It was released last week in the U.K. and has since sold out, and there’s now even a waitlist for fans in the United States.

This is certainly a huge relief for those who can’t paint their own nails. Are you wondering how the spray nail polish works? Here is a small demonstration. 

First, paint a basecoat on clean, dry nails just as you normally would. But be extra careful not to have any of the basecoat touch your cuticles. This is critical in order to make sure that the color does not stick.

OK, now you’re ready to paint. Please, for the love of furniture and your relationship with your mom/landlord/significant other, place a sheet of paper down on any surface you’re using. The paint can get messy. Shake the can really well and then hold it 12 to 15 centimeters away from your nails (that’s about six inches). Do one quick, even coat all over your nails. You really only need one coat, since the formula is very pigmented. Don’t worry if the color gets all over your fingers. 

Wait about two minutes, and then paint a topcoat over your nails. Again, be careful not to get sloppy and drag it along your cuticles. Wait another minute or two for the topcoat to dry. 

Now for the cool part. Head over to your nearest sink and, with hot soapy water, wash your hands. The pigment on your fingers will soak right off. And with a little scrubbing and rubbing, all you’ll be left with is a perfectly even manicure. The one caveat: The longer you wait, the more the excess paint will stick to your skin, and the harder it will be to remove it.