8 Steps To Grow Your Edges Back Within 2 Months

So if you are reading this post then you  have probably damaged your scalp from doing too much to your hair. It is either braids in January, dreads in February, weave in March, Ghana weaving in April and then the cycle continues until we reach December and our natural hair hasn’t even had a chance to see daylight just like a Vampire.

Here are eight steps to take to grow your edges back within 2 months!

1. Review your hair care practices.
How often do you massage your edges? You need to do this once every 2 days for 2 months nonstop.

2. Review your hair style.
Do you wear braids or weaves even though you are going bald? You need to stop immediately, rush to your nearest hair store and buy a wig that is secure but not too tight.

3. Review the product you are using.
Are you using a natural product that contains 3 or more of the following growth activators as the main ingredient?
Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Rosemary, Biotin, Ginseng, Moringa, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Centella and Zingiber.
4. Wash your hair frequently – (If you want to grow your hair not just your edges).
How often do you wash your hair? Why is it important to wash your hair frequently?
Well natural oils, hair products, scalp build-up and air pollution all build-up on your hair so washing it regularly will keep your hair clean. We suggest you wash your hair once a week or every fortnightly with a sulfate free shampoo. Try and avoid any products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Make sure you deep condition it as well.

5. Understand your hair growth cycle.
Do you know that hair sheds naturally and the hairstyle you do could lead to more hair loss?
There are four stages of the hair growth cycle, Anagen (Growing), Catagen (Resting), Telogen (Shedding) and Exogen (Dormant) phase. During the shedding (Telogen phase) the hair dies without adequate nourishment and falls out.Approximately 50 to 150 hairs can fall out daily, this is considered to be normal hair shedding. It either falls out on its own or you end up pulling it out through your hair style.

6. Review your diet.
What does your diet consist of? Eba on Monday, Rice on Tuesday, Amala on Wednesday, Wheat on Thursday, Fried Rice on Friday, Yam on Saturday and Bread on Sunday?
Are you getting in all the nutrients you need to grow your hair? Make sure you include the following in your diet. Salmon (Omega 3 fatty acids), Nuts (great source of protein, & biotin), Eggs (Zinc & Iron), Carrots (Vitamin A), Dark Green Vegetables (Vitamin A & C), Lentils (Folic Acid), Poultry (great source of Protein).

7. Document your hair growth.
Take photos before you start your journey. Then take photos every 4 weeks after you begin your hair growth regime so you can see for yourself that your hair is growing. If your hair is longer than 10 inches why not create your own hair length shirt so you can see how many inches your hair has grown by.

8. Be consistent and don’t give up.
Continue this for 2 months straight until your edges have grown back. Once it has grown back. Continue a good hair regime for the rest of your life. We would suggest you stay away from both weaves and braids for at least 6 months until your scalp is strong.

Join the hair revolution and take part in the waist length challenge. Don’t forget ladies to be good not only to your hair but your scalp because traction alopecia isn’t in fashion yet and it never will.