7 Makeup Hacks From MAC Professional Artist

M.A.C. artist Ashley Di Sarro, has been working with the company for eight years. Her goal is to make people feel amazing about themselves through makeup. She reveals perfect and easy ways to create a toned-down Kardashian-esque makeup look for everyday life.

  1. Always make sure your priming skin-care products are completely blended before putting on makeup. Are you the kind of person who slaps on your serums, primers and immediately puts on your foundation? Note that it’s crucial to make sure all your priming ingredients are really blended in-if you want your makeup to stay in place. Otherwise, certain areas of your face may appear shinier because your serum and moisturizer didn’t fully seep into the skin.


  1. Put foundation only where you need it. Guess what? You don’t always have to follow all the rules! (Well, at least when it comes to the directions on your foundation bottle.) You should apply foundation only where you need coverage. For example on your cheeks and chin but put hardly on the forehead.


  1. Do your brow and eye makeup first. This is important because your eyebrows “create the mood of the makeup” and form a guideline for your eyes. It’s also pretty much a given that when you do your eye makeup, something bad is bound to happen. You may accidentally smudge some liquid liner on your cheek or you may have to redo your cat eye a few (dozen) times, for instance. Do all the eye stuff before you apply blush or lipstick so you don’t ruin the makeup you spent 20 minutes working on.


  1. Tilt back your head when applying detailed eye makeup. You don’t want to pull on your skin or raise your brows because it changes the shape of your eye. It could also deteriorate the elasticity of that skin over time. Whenever applying makeup to the top area of the eye, tilt your head back. This way you’ll have the most control because you can see the entire landscape of your face.


  1. Dry your waterline before applying eyeliner. This one is easy. Before applying eyeliner to your waterline, take a cotton swab and rub it along your waterline to dry it completely. This removes any moisture from your eye, as well as any eye shadow pigment that may have fallen on the area.


  1. Never use a shimmery powder to contour. Anything with iridescence would defeat the purpose, so put down that shimmery bronzer. It isn’t doing what you want it to do.


  1. Always take a step back from the mirror and look at yourself from further away. This is another simple and easy tip, but one that will save you a lot of time and anguish. You may obsess over a tiny imperfection in your eyeliner when you’re this close to an ultrabright, supermagnified mirror. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a step back (and take a deep breath) and look at yourself from the distance that most people will see you. Chances are, you look fierce, and your tiny little eyeliner blunder is completely unnoticeable.