7 Cheap Perfumes Beauty Insiders Love

The main difference between expensive perfumes at high and low price points is the lasting power, basically. Factor in body chemistry and uniqueness, the playing field widens. Ofcourse you can cherish your Tom fords and Channels, but feel free to dabble in these 7 more affordable scents.

1. Balmyard Beauty: Technically not a perfume in the eau de whatever sense, but in the scent sense, this oil’s jasmine and rose fragrance more than qualifies.

2. Ck One Summer Eau de Toilette: Never gets old. But also, what’s old from high school always becomes new again.

3. Clean Skin & Vanilla Body Spray: Only a tiny bit like the stuff you used to douse yourself in but more sophisticated and not straight-up extract.

4. Maison Louis Marie Antidris-Cassis Perfume Oil: Black pepper, bergamot, black currants, and so much chic.

5. TokyoMilk Dark Arsenic No. 17: For the girl who doesn’t want to smell like everybody else.

6. Viva la Juicy Sucré Eau de Parfum: Not as sweet-smelling as you might suspect, but plenty delicious.