6 Ways You’re Doing Your Makeup Wrong

With so many techniques out there to choose from when it comes to applying your makeup, it’s hard to know if you’re making any mistakes. That’s where we come in. we’re here to tell you the 6 ways that you probably apply makeup wrong. But don’t worry, we’ll also tell you how to fix them.

You’re not prepping your skin beforehand:

If you’re not prepping your skin with moisturizer or primer before you apply your foundation, you’re basically inviting your makeup to invade your pores and get comfortable enough to dry it out and cause breakouts. Moisturizer and primer help your skin stay hydrated, smooth out the texture, and keep your foundation from settling into creases.

The Fix: Apply a moisturizer or primer all over your face, neck, and along your hairline with clean hands. And then wait three to five minutes after smoothing it on, so the product can absorb into your skin.

Your foundation is the wrong color:

This is such a common problem but it doesn’t need to be. Also, blending the wrong color down onto your neck doesn’t magically make it the right color either.

The Fix: Test the colors on your neck and wait a few minutes to see which one automatically blends into your skin seamlessly. Then, look at the foundation under different lighting, like natural sunlight, to see if it still matches your complexion.

You’re rubbing your foundation with your hands:

If you’re rubbing your foundation into your skin, it’s going to settle into your pores, causing everything you’re trying to cover up actually stand out even more.

The Fix: If you want smooth coverage from your foundation, pat it on with a sponge or a makeup brush. This way, it will cover your skin evenly and you won’t create any patchy areas.

You don’t wait for your foundation to dry:

Liquid foundation is just that: a liquid. Which means it takes a little time to completely dry once you’ve applied it. This means if you speed through your beauty routine and dust a powder product over it immediately, it’s going to heavily absorb into the first spot you applied it and it won’t blend out properly.

The Fix: Take a minute or two to let your foundation dry before you sweep on any powder.

You paint your eyebrows unto your face:

While bold brows are really a thing at the moment, most people aren’t born with perfect arches, and your brows can seem drawn on if they’re overdone.

The Fix: Work with what you’ve got. It’s OK to enhance your natural brow, but don’t go too far with it. And keep a light hand when you need to add hairlike strokes, so your brows are feathery, not full-on.

You’re not using the proper shade of lipsticks:

Every skin tone is different, and with that, one shade of lipstick might look completely different on you than it does your best friend.

The Fix: Just like your foundation, this is a trial and error process. But thankfully, there are so many different shades of lipstick on the market that it shouldn’t take long for you to find your favorite. A good way to start is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, your skin has pink undertones and you should look for lip colors with blue or purple tones in them. If your veins look more green, your skin has yellow undertones and your perfect lip color is likely a warmer hue.