6 Makeup Rules You Should Break Right Now

Don’t pair a bold lip with a smoky eye; don’t line both your top and bottom lids; don’t wear red lipstick if you have red hair, blah, blah. You’ve heard these makeup mandates since you first started wearing it, but here’s a little newsflash: Some rules really are meant to be broken. And in fact, these acts of rebellion can up your beauty game if you know how to work them. Here, tips to guide you.


Rule 1: Don’t wear red lipstick if you have red hair.

A redhead in red lipstick is an image that conjures the same cringe factor as the pleated khaki. But in reality, redheads rock the colour. When a redhead wears a balanced shade of red, it can be the perfect combination of sophistication and contrast between her hair, lips, and skin.

Generally, brick reds flatter women with dark red hair, while pink-based reds pop on light red-to-strawberry-blondes.


Rule #2: Don’t use different colours on top and bottom lids.

While the two-tone look is thought to be a trend best left in 1982, wearing different colours on the top and bottom lids can be a very modern way to use colour without overwhelming the eyes.

To keep things cohesive, apply shades with the same undertone.


Rule #3: Don’t do matchy-matchy makeup.

Maybe it’s just too much of a good thing, but coordinating shades of lipstick, blush, and eye shadow has connotations of a colour OD. Yet, if you stick with a shade that complements your skin tone, the monochrome effect is soft and beautiful.

Shades of pink are romantic on paler skin, while bronze complements medium-to-dark complexions.


Rule #4: Don’t line all around your lids.

Conventional makeup wisdom dictates lining top and bottom lash lines makes the eyes seem smaller. But we have two words to combat that logic: Brigitte Bardot. That smoulder perfected by the bombshell herself was created exactly by rimming lids all around and the result is ultimate sex goddess, 100 percent.

When it comes to executing, don’t just draw a line, use a small smudge brush and move the pencil around the eye to blur it out.


Rule #5: Don’t pair a bold eye with a bold lip.

It’s like a broken record playing in your head throughout life. But, if you’re of the camp that eyes and lips deserve equal opportunity, deciding which one to shun in a neutral zone. Instead, embrace the drama of both, which together create a smoking’ look for a night out.

Apply shades of grey and brown shadow rather than black, which can look too harsh with a strong lip.


Rule #6: Don’t overdraw your lips.

The picture of overdrawn lips in the mind’s eye can be a scary one, often involving some sort of raisin hue above a zinc pink lip. The modern way to colour outside the lines, however, is more about working with lipstick and liner in the same colour, so the transition from lip to skin is seamless.

When applying a bright shade, first use a nude pencil to trace just above your natural lip line. Then go over it with a liner that matches your lipstick. Using nude pencil first creates a roadmap so you’ll be less likely to make a mistake with the bright pencil and stain the surface of the skin.