6 Awesome Beauty Hacks With Spoon

You would be amazed by our discoveries. Check out these 6 awesome beauty hacks with spoon. Try it whenever you can.

  1. Push Back Your Cuticles. Run your hands under warm water for 10-15 seconds. Next, pat dry and without applying too much pressure use the tip of a spoon to gently push back your cuticles. This trick is especially helpful if you’ve forgotten to get a manicure before heading out on business travel.
  2. Get Rid of Puffy Eyes. On late nights and early mornings, keep a spoon in the freezer overnight so it gets nice and frosty. When you wake up, press the cold spoon against your under eye area for about 30 seconds and then repeat on the other eye.
  1. Prevent Mascara from Getting on Your Lids. Hold the spoon above your eyelashes so that each time you swipe, your lid stays clean.
  1. Reduce Swelling of a Pimple. First, apply a swipe of Witch Hazel to dry out the blemish. Take a spoon from the freezer and press down on the pimple to reduce swelling. Or, if you’re dealing with a
  1. Whitehead: Run a spoon under hot water for 1 minute and press the spoon against your blemish. The heat helps to draw the pus inside the pimple up, making it easier to remove.
  1. Contour. Press the stamp of the spoon against the bottom of your cheekbone to find exactly where to contour. Draw a line with your contour blush and blend.