5 Ways To Keep Your Makeup In Place All Summer

If your makeup has ever been sabotaged by the summer’s heat, you’re not alone. Sweltering temps — the ultimate mean girl — have been ruining meticulously applied foundation for way too long. But that stops here with these hot-weather hacks that’ll ensure your base stays in tact no matter what.

Start with an oil-free lotion:

Moisturizer is essential year-round (especially one with SPF!). Skip it and your skin can produce even more oil to compensate — exactly what you’re trying to avoid mid-summer. To keep your makeup from sliding off your face, choose an oil-free moisturizer as your base. Here’s why: Oils break down makeup, so using a moisturizer with oil is basically asking for a midday foundation meltdown.

Prep with a primer:

A great primer extends the wear of your foundation, plus it keeps shine in check. Look for one that’s lightweight and feels almost the slightest bit tacky going on — this helps the primer grab onto your foundation, keeping it on longer. Steer clear of those thick, super-greasy, slick versions though, as makeup can slide right off them.

Pick a clay-infused foundation:

Think of clay as nature’s blotting sheet — it balances oil without drying skin out. Tarte’s new stick foundation stays looking fresh for 12 hours thanks to microcapsules of powder that burst as your body temp rises. Key to long wear: a thin application, as any pigment that isn’t touching the skin directly can melt off. Start with a dot on your forehead, cheeks, and chin, then build your coverage as needed.

Use your setting spray in a new way:

You’ll be obsessed with this genius pro hack for upping your foundation’s longevity: Dampen your makeup sponge with setting spray instead of water, then use it to blend out your formula. You’ll get the flawless coverage you love from using a sponge, while locking your base in place.

Set it and forget it:

The final step in your melt-proof foundation routine: powder. A finely milled, translucent formula is best in warmer weather, since tinted ones can look cakey. Focus the attention on your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) only — aka the areas you tend to be most oily.