5 Super-Easy Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin

There are so many ways we love face masks, and now we have DIYs. So when you want to give your skin a makeover and may be a bit too lazy to go get a Sephora or too broke to splurge on masks, no need to wander farther than your kitchen. Try these mask recipes.

1. Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask: Avocado is extremely hydrating, cocoa is pore-refining and a great antioxidant, and honey is antibacterial and soothing.

– Mash 1 quarter of avocado.

– Stir in 1 Tblsp. cocoa powder and 1 Tblsp. honey.

– Apply to clean face for 10 minutes.

-Remove with warm water, tone, and moisturize.

2. Summer Strawberry Facial Mask: This mask is great for all skin types and will naturally exfoliate and brighten over time. Strawberries are great for brightening, refining pores, and are a natural antioxidant. Lemon brightens and acts as a natural preservative.

– Blend 3 strawberries and 1 oz. lemon juice. Pour into mixing bowl or storage container.

– Add 1 container of personal size Greek yogurt and 1 oz. honey, then mix everything together.

– Place in freezer for 20 minutes.

– Apply to clean skin leave on for 10 minutes remove with warm cloth.

3. Organic Banana Face Mask: Your skin will have a healthy glow after applying this tropical mask to your face. This recipe is designed for all skin types.

– Mash one half of a banana.

– Mix in a tablespoon of orange juice and a tablespoon of honey.

– Apply to the face and keep the mixture on for 15 minutes.

– Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.

4. The Breakfast Mask: Complete with protein and whole grains, this breakfast-themed mask is used to correct and calm oily skin.

– Combine an egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey, then a tablespoon of olive oil (yes, olive oil) and half a cup of oatmeal.

– Apply to the face for 15-20 minutes.

– Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.

5. Honey & Papaya Lightening Mask: This mask is specifically for those who have hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, and uneven pigment.

– Blend together two tablespoons of honey and half a cup of mashed ripe papaya.

– Apply on the face evenly for 15-20 minutes.

– Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.