5 safe workout tips for pregnant women

5 safe workout tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy should not be an excuse for pregnant women not to exercise because daily exercise is recommended to keep you healthy. Active exercises can actually reduce back pain and swelling, speed up recovery after giving birth, ease stress and help speed up the birthing process

Here are 5 safe workout practices for all trimesters.

Take it easy, Keep it Regular and eat enough

Remember your body is pumping more blood, and your lung capacity is decreased when your pregnant, which means you’ll have a harder time catching your breath. That’s the more reason you have to keep it easy. Exercising regularly say, three times a week  will be better of and even a 16 minutes lunch walk counts.  But an easier way to know if you’re exerting yourself too much is simply make sure you can breathe normally. And if you find yourself constantly heart pounding, you should ease up a bit. Stop exercising when you feel fatigued and don’t exercise to exhaustion.2. Wall Push Up     

use a wall to perform a standing push-up, It helps keep the spine neutral, the knees, hips and head aligned. It lowers the body so that elbows are at right angles and keep elbows at shoulder length.This is a safe exercise to do throughout your pregnancy because you’re in an upright  position. This exercise strengthens your chest, shoulder, back and arm muscles.

3.Squat stretch exercise 

Squatting is a simple exercise and it may be one of the best exercises you can do during pregnancy. It tones your legs without requiring deep impact, such as caused by running or jumping. This quick exercise is great for tired or nauseated pregnant women who need to rest between exercises. Squatting also stretches the groin area and tones the abs and pelvic floor, preparing you for labor and delivery.

4. Forward Lunge exercise

The forward lunge exercise is one of the very best exercises for your legs and butt. Lunges are multi-joint movements which strengthen your thighs, hip flexors, hamstrings , gluteal muscles  and the muscles or your lower body while improving your stabilization and balance. Forward Lunge is very safe and effective.

5.Neck Rotation Exercise

  1. Neck rotation exercise is done while standing or sitting in a relaxed position and with movement of bringing the chin over the left or right shoulder.  The aim of this exercise is to strengthen and relax the neck muscles.Technique
    1. Stand or sit in a relaxed position.
    2. Gently roll your head around, making a full circle or left to right.
    3. Try and keep your shoulder stable and move only your head
    4. Repeat as many times as desired.