5 Reasons You Must Not Wear Makeup to the Gym

Trust most of our African women, they often head to the gym with their full make-ups on. Perhaps because they think that cute guy that loves to lift weights is falling for them or they just can’t muster up the strength to wash thier faces or maybe some of them intend hitting at the office from the gym. So they head to the fitness center with a full face of makeup. Seems harmless enough right? Well it’s not.

At the gym you’re going to sweat and work out your body, and makeup can hinder that process and restrain you from getting the full benefits of the workout.

From your pores getting clogged to actually lifting bacteria and dirt, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup to  the gym.

  1. Clogged Pores

One of the leading causes of breakouts is clogged pores. When you apply makeup on your face and leave it on for many hours, it restricts your skin from ‘breathing’ and excess oil can’t get out from the skin. Now, if you add sweat to that equation, you get a really harmful result.

While working out, you sweat; and this sweat is removed through the visible pores on the skin’s surface. If those pores are blocked by makeup, it will hinder the sweat from leaving the skin and it could lead to the accumulation of excess sweat and dirt, plus oil from the skin. This will ultimately lead to breakouts on the skin.

  1. Irritated Skin

Sometimes, when your sweaty skin rubs constantly against your gym clothes due to the exercises you do, it could lead to irritation on the skin’s surface. Adding makeup products to that mix will lead to even more skin damage.

It could lead to bumps, acne and other skin inflammations that would make even the most simplest of tasks uncomfortable.

  1. Dirt

As wonderful as makeup and the gym can be, it can sometimes be a minus when it comes to hygiene.

At the gym, the chances of you touching your face is extremely high. If you have a full face of makeup on, it is very easy to transfer dirt from the workout equipment to your face and other areas of the body. Why? Because makeup products like foundations, matte powders etc can easily stick to dirt and moisture. So, getting dirt and other substances from people around you is risky for your skin and general hygiene.

  1. Dirty Gym Clothes

Remember when your makeup would run from your face to your clothes on those sweaty days? Well, imagine it at the gym. While working out and sweating, there is every chance your makeup will become mobile and get on your clothes and workout equipment. This can be unhygienic for you and other working out in the same area.

It can also be very unflattering if you have a face that seems to be melting off. Not cute!

  1. Hinders the Detox Process

Sweating is a great way to detox. When your body releases sweat, it acts as a cleansing process for your entire body, leaving you feeling more refreshed and lighter. Referring to the first point, if your pores are clogged, then the sweat can’t leave your body thus hindering the detox.