5 Reasons Women Struggle To Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love stronger, fitter and thinner versions of themselves? We all do, but when it comes to us women, everyone has wondered why women can’t lose weight easily. It is because we are genetically hardwired NOT to lose weight? Why do most women echo the same thing”: Why can’t I lose weight?

If you are one of those women too who are finding it really hard to lose weight, then this is the right article for you. We have delved into some of the common reasons why we find it a little harder to get rid of those extra pounds.

Sometimes You Go Overboard With Healthy Food

We all know that they key to losing weight is in simple mathematics. If you are burning more calories than what you are consuming, you will be losing those pounds. In order to achieve that goal, most of us start eating healthy. But what happens when you have more of that healthy food? You guessed it right- You will not lose weight!

All those nuts and avocados are no doubt filled with good fats but not controlling the portion size will actually lead to more troubles. Concentrate on the serving sizes to ensure that you are having the right amount of calories.