5 Laws To Weight Loss

Its one thing to try and lose weight, to another thing to loss weight properly. Like any other  activity, it has its own laws and guidelines! Here are 5 laws of weight loss that will do you good when exercising!

Be motivated – It’s great to be inspired to lose weight for a special occasion, a reunion or a party but studies have shown that the people who are most likely to maintain their weight loss are the ones who aren’t motivated by anything outside of themselves. These are people who have simply decided that it’s time for them to lose weight and improve their health.

Set realistic goals – Even with the best behavior-modification programs people can typically reduce their weight by 10 to 15 percent . If you try to lose 20 or 30 percent, you’re likely to either fail and be discouraged or simply regain the weight. By setting realistic targets you set yourself up for success, once the target has been reached it’s easier to define a new one with the confidence that comes from success.

Replace bad habits with good ones – There’s nothing wrong with having a snack in the afternoon, in fact it’s a great idea, just make sure that the food you chose is a piece of fruit or a low fat yogurt and not snack.

Exercise for weight maintenance – Surprisingly, exercise doesn’t actually make much difference when you’re trying to lose weight. Fairly strenuous exercise-30 to 40 minutes three or four times a week-produces only a two to six pound weight loss over six months, that’s because exercise just doesn’t burn that many calories. However it is a great way to keep weight off and make you healthier, and as we keep saying the secret is to think about gaining health not losing weight.

Be patient – It’s not easy to make such a radical change in your lifestyle you’re relearning habits that may have taken you a lifetime to learn, so have a little patience with yourself.

All these guidelines will ensure that you lose weight properly!