5 Blush Mistakes To Avoid

Blush is supposed to give a natural glow to a lady’s face, and your skin tone should determine the kind of blush you use. In order to get this right, it is best to know some of the mistakes ladies make when using blush products, and try to avoid them completely.

Picking the wrong shade: Using the right blush shade is of utmost importance; using a darker shade or a lighter shade can make you look older or unnatural. Remember, the aim is to obtain a natural flush.

Applying the wrong formula: There are three types of blushes; powders, creams, and stains. If you have oily skin, a stain works well. And creamy formulas are great for normal or combination skin. And despite popular belief, stains and creams aren’t so great for dry skin. They crack when they dry, which can age your face. Instead, stick with a powder.

Not using the right brush: A wrong brush can pick up too much colour and overload your face with colour. A loose blush blush will work best in getting just the right amount of colour on your face.

Applying it on just your cheeks: If you do not plan on looking like a clown, its best to avoid applying blush to just your cheeks. Start off from your cheeks and then brush it up your cheekbone to your temple.

Not blending it: Blending is key whenever you are applying any makeup product. It helps make t look natural. So blend it into your skin till you have the natural glow you need.