Everyone would like to stay healthy for as long as they live. But we take certain things for granted, here are a few things you need to start doing to remain healthy.

1. Drinking More Water:

Taking soda frequently and avoiding water will cause a number of ailments and leave your skin looking old, tired and wrinkly. Take as much water as you can daily.

2. Exercise:

Continuous exercise is required to keep your body in top condition following a weekend of eating the most unhealthy things. If you are going to go on a weekend bender then combat it with a good workout.

3. Switch Things Up:

The worst thing you can do fitness wise is not challenge yourself. If you start out with a certain number of reps, you should up after a while.

4. The wrong attire:

When doing cardio like running or jumping, you want to make sure your ‘sensitive’ parts are safe and secure so that nothing comes spilling out.