4 Beauty Tricks Prefect for Pool Parties

Makeup that won’t smudge, manis that won’t budge, and super-sexy hair — dry or drenched.


Throwing your hair in a topknot might be pretty basic. But add a knotted headband? Bombshell! Don’t forget to mist your hair strands with a UV-protectant hair spray to protect your color.

Sunscreen is your friend:

Most sunscreens require hopping out of the pool, drying off, and hiding in the shade for 15 minutes until their ingredients kick in. Skip the long process by blasting your body with Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 85+, formulated to cling to and protect wet skin.

Water statement:

A colored cat-eye is the best way to make a statement while swimming — just choose your pencil wisely. Liquids stay put longest unless your pencil is labeled waterproof. Either way, apply to clean, dry skin because color latches onto it best.

Nail it:

Splashing in the pool is hell on a manicure. Nail your look with professional gel nail polish. Its colors are able to stand up to chlorine, water, and even the sun.