30 Health Benefits Of Tangerine

Tangerine is known for its fresh and citrus taste with its low calorie and high nutrient content. The vitamin content in the fruit is the best in its class. Tangerines are also a rich source of vitamin C, folate, and beta-carotene. The taste of tangerine is stronger than orange, it is less sour and much sweeter.

1. Smooth Skin

Tangerines contain a rich source of Vitamin C which can stimulate the release of antioxidant. Antioxidant is beneficial to fight against various free radicals and as the result you will be most likely to avoid from any cancers, including skin cancer. In addition to that, Vitamin C in tangerines could stimulate the release of collagen and elastin in your skin. This collagen is really essential to make your skin become smooth and of course, it will make you looks younger than your age.

2. Anti-Aging Skin

Tangerine contains a high amount of Vitamin A which is very beneficial for your skin because this vitamin can stimulate your skin tissues to rebuild. In addition to that, Vitamin A in tangerines has anti-aging properties which are essential to protect you from various skin problems like wrinkles, fine line, and dull skin.

3. Enhance Your Smile

Consuming tangerines will protect you from this problem because of its high amount of Vitamin C, that enables you to show your best smile to other people. Gingivitis is a problem related to your teeth. When you are brushing your teeth and you find blood in your teeth because of red gums, then it means that you are suffering from gingivitis.

4. Good For Your Eyes’ Health

Tangerines could help you to prevent yourself from a disease called age related Macular Degeneration and cataracts. The Vitamin C and Vitamin A that contained in tangerines will prevent you from this disease and keep your vision sharp.

5. Strengthen Your Bones

There is a study conducted at Tuft University on men which resulted that men who are consumed high amount of Vitamin C and Potassium had a better density on their bones compared with the men who didn’t consume Vitamin C and Potassium regularly. So, if you want to add some Vitamin C and Potassium in your body, tangerine is the perfect choice.

6. Help Your Body to Absorb Iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients in your body. If your body doesn’t have the proper amount of iron, you will feel so tired and sluggish easily, even if you just sit down on your couch. Also, lack of iron will make a dark circles appear just under your eyes, which will affect your appearance. So, eating tangerine which is a perfect source of Vitamin C will help to protect you from those problems because Vitamin C syncs up with dietary iron, enables your body to absorb iron easily.

7. Prevent Diabetes

Tangerine encourages your body to burn the fat and prevent the manufacture process of fat. Thus, you will be more likely to avoid the disease caused by fat in your body like diabetes type 2.

8. Prevents Stroke

Tangerines contain a rich amount of potassium, this potassium could prevent you from disease associated with stroke like  blood clotting. People who consume tangerines had 19 percent lower risk of having the disease associated with stroke like blood clotting.

9. Protect You From Obesity

Tangerines contain vitamins that will prevent the production of cortisol, which is a hormone that can cause stress and can encourage your body to store the fat. Include tangerines as one the fruits for your healthy diet.

10. Prevent Cancer

Tangerines contain a compound called limonoids. Antioxidant is beneficial to fight against various free radicals and as the result you will be most likely to avoid from any cancers, including skin cancer. In addition to that, Vitamin C in tangerines could stimulate the release of collagen and elastin in your skin. This collagen is really essential to make your skin become smooth and of course, it will make you looks younger than your age.

11. Shaping Your Muscles

Tangerines is one of the fruits that contains high amounts of potassium. This potassium compound is proven to be beneficial for your muscles as it would encourage the growth and the recovery in your muscles. So, this fruit would be a great friend for everyone of you who love sport activities.

12. Healthier Digestive System

Tangerine is also one of the most juiciest fruits. This high amount of water together with the Vitamin A from tangerines would be beneficial to encourage the absorption of nutrients from the food that you just ate and keep digestive tract hydrated.

13. Strengthen Your Immune System

The vitamin C that contained in tangerines will also improve your immune system. By consuming tangerines, you will be less likely to have various diseases such as cold, influenza, fever, and other symptoms. So if you want to stay healthy all the time, consuming tangerine is the best way to achieve it.

14. Boosts Your Mood

The scent of tangerines can heal you from the feeling of stress, depression, and anxiety. So, if you are having a bad day, you are suggested to smell the aroma of tangerines and as the result, you will feel more relaxed than before.

15. Moisturizes Your Hair

Tangerines contain Vitamin A that can moisturize the sebum in the scalp and also, it will fight against pollution that can make your hair become weaker than before. After you take a bath, sometimes you feel that your hair is too greasy. The problem that can cause the grease in your hair is the water that you use during taking a bath.

16. Delays Hair Greying

Tangerines contain a high amount of Vitamin B12, which promotes hair growth and also reducing the possibilities of hair loss. Vitamin B12 is also very important to slow down the greying process of your hair. If you want to have hair that stay with its color until you’re getting old, start consuming tangerines.

17. Get a Shiny Hair

Tangerines also could be beneficial to help you to get glowing hair because of its Vitamin C compounds. Vitamin C can help your body to absorb iron, which enable your body and hair to get more nutrients. As the result, you will have a glowing and shiny hair so that you will be more confident to meet people around you.

18. Anti-Spasm

Tangerines, if you use it as an essential oil, will give relaxation among the organic systems and prevent your body from spasm. Spasm is not a good sign for your body, if you think that spasm is only related to cramps in your muscles, you’re wrong. It can happen in your digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system that can cause asthma, congestion, and coughs.

19. An Antiseptic

It is revealed that tangerines, if you use it as an essential oil and apply it externally, will kill the bacteria namely Straphyloccocus Aureus which is responsible for many infections that occurs in your wound and can make your pain more acute as it will spread the infections to the other parts of your body. Just rub it on your wound and these bacteria would be killed.

20. Detox Your Body

It is also revealed that tangerines can get rid of toxins in your body. When you consume tangerine, it will act as depurative which will help you to purify your blood. This fruit will encourage the excretion of the toxic or other unwanted substance like uric acid or pollutant through a sweat or urine.

21.Rich Antioxidants Prevent Inflammation

Tangerines, with their rich Vitamin C source provide the perfect antioxidants required for the body. These antioxidants prevent inflammation in the body.

22. Fights Arthritis

Tangerine fruit has been used quite frequently in medical treatments as they fight effectively against skin diseases and arthritis.

23. Cures Sepsis

Tangerine essential oil is a strong antiseptic and bactericide that eliminates the staphylococcus aureus bacterium. Sepsis is a dreaded infection and the Staphylococcus aureus usually causes sepsis. Sepsis can lead to reddened wounds, swelling, pus formation, and acute pain. If you don’t take care, sepsis can spread to other parts of your body.

24. Sedative

Tangerine essential oil has sedative properties. It helps overcome inflammation and reduces hyperactivity in your circulatory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems. Tangerine essential oil helps reduce inflammation and helps ease fever, anxiety, stress and even depression. The sedative properties make it an effective agent against insomnia as well.

25. Tonic

Tangerine essential oil is an effective tonic, and it stimulates metabolic activity, induces digestion and promotes the absorption of nutrients by the liver, stomach and intestines. A tonic helps fortify and tone your bodily functions. The essential oil improves your immunity, regulates secretions of the endocrine system and promotes nervous system health. Tangerine essential oil helps you fight infections.

26. Vitamin A

One of the most important vitamins for health is vitamin A. Its antioxidant properties work to condition and moisturize the sebum in the scalp. Antioxidants also fight against pollution that weighs down your hair and makes it weaker.

27. Facial Mask For Brighter Skin

Homemade tangerine facial mask can be applied to get brighter skin. In addition, this mask will help you to remove extra oil and harmful bacteria, leaving the skin soft, fresh and blemish free. Take 3 or 4 slices of a tangerine. Discard the seeds. Blend them well and mix one tablespoon each of yogurt and honey with the juice. Apply to the face and neck. Leave it for 10-20 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Apply this mask twice in a week for oily skin and once for normal to dry skin.

28. Enhances Cell Division

Tangerine essential oil is an effective cytophylactic. A cytophylactic is an agent that boosts cellular production and enhances cell division, also stimulating the growth of new cells. Boosted cell production not only promotes general growth in your body, but also helps repair regular wear and tear of the body.

29. Depurative

A blood-purifying agent is also known as a depurative. Tangerine essential oil is an effective depurative. The oil helps purge your body of excess uric acid, extra salt, pollutants, and water through the excretory system.

30. Regulates Blood Pressure

Tangerine contains healthy amounts of potassium essential for boosting your cardiovascular health. Potassium is essential for regulating the levels of the blood pressure as it is linked with the contraction of the blood vessels. It helps in preventing hypertension and stroke.