30 Health Benefits Of Radish


1. Dietary Fiber


Radishes are rich in dietary fiber content which improves the body’s ability to digest food and also keeps the metabolism at the right pace. The fiber content adds to the amount of roughage you need in your diet and keeps you feeling full for longer.

2. Antioxidants


Radishes contain similar antioxidants like those found in citrus fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants protect the body against oxidation reactions and by-products which may be cancerous or make the body prone to diseases.

3. Vitamin Benefits


The vitamins A, C and K that are present in radishes help to prevent skin disorders to a great extent. The consumption of radishes results in better cell production and cell repair.

4. Iron Benefits


Iron available in radishes has positive effects on blood and hence, on the overall function of the heart. Iron helps to maintain healthy cells, skin, hair and nails.

5. Weight Loss


The high water content of radish and the presence of non-digestible carbohydrates make them beneficial. Consumption of radish helps to avoid excess calories and fat accumulation in the body.

6. Muscle Building And Repair


Radishes are a very rich source of protein and hence, the nutrients are needed in order to build up muscles. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles.

7. Fights Cholesterol And Heart Diseases


Radishes, like many other vegetables, reduce the absorption of cholesterol by signaling the blood and heart help prevent any cardio diseases.

8. For Healthy Liver And Stomach


Radishes are extremely good for the liver and stomach. Radishes are powerful detoxifying agents. They purify blood and eradicate waste and toxins.

9. Treats Jaundice


They have been known to treat Jaundice as it eliminates bilirubin and stabilizes its production level.

10. Effective Against Hypertension


Radish has been used as a treatment for hypertension as it helps to maintain the steady functioning of the heart.

11. Controls Diabetes

diabetesRadish is a non-starchy food and eating radish helps ‘control’ blood sugar levels. Once your blood sugar levels have surpassed the normal levels, no amount of radish can lower them.

12. Strengthens Immunity


Daikon radish is known to prevent cancer. Whether cancer can really be prevented or not is a different question altogether. However, the logic behind the statement is that daikon radish contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help in fighting the free radicals and cell damage. In fact, daikon radish helps in preventing the formation and accumulation of toxins in the body.

13. Helps In Detoxification



Daikon radish is a natural laxative that efficiently detoxifies the body by eliminating the waste products through the colon and kidney. It helps in digestion too by spurring the production of bile.

14. Helps The Respiratory System


Radish juice is effective in dissolving phlegm and mucus, thus aiding the proper functioning of the respiratory system. It combats viral infections and can prevent diseases like flu, bronchitis, and asthma.

15. Eradication Of Fungus


Radish juice contains enzymes like amylase, esterase, and diastase that are useful in eradicating a fungus. When this fungus is removed, the body is immune to a range of diseases.

16. Protects Against Cancer


Containing Vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanin, Radish juice helps to curb the growth of cancerous cells. In fact, radish juice is known to help in treating colon cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer and cancer in the intestines.

17. Treats Thyroid


Radish juice also contains sulfur and raphanin, which in turn help to balance the thyroid hormones. At the same time, it helps in boosting the rate of metabolism in a healthy way.

18. Cures Piles


Constipation is one of the underlying causes for piles. Radish juice helps to cure constipation. The detoxifying properties of radish juice eases the pain while soothing the digestive and excretory system. Drinking radish juice helps to treat piles by treating the causes.

19. Cooling Food



Red radishes are known as naturally cooling foods. The pungent flavor of radish is considered highly effective in decreasing excess heat within the body. In the eastern medicine science, the use of red radish in meals is advised to protect the body from the effect of the heat during hot seasons.

20. High Water Content


Red radishes have high water content and are packed with lots of zinc, phosphorus and vitamin C that is good for the nourishment of your tissues. The high water content keeps your body hydrated keeping you looking fresh and energetic, even on a long and hot day.

21. Treatment For Insect Bites


White radish provides a wonderful cure for issues like insect bites and bee stings as it helps in lessening the pain from the affected area and also has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it relieves the swelling resulted due to the sting or bite.

22. Healthy Bone



Radish seeds can promote the formation and strengthening of bones. The seeds contain high amounts of calcium. Calcium is crucial for the formation of bones and radish seeds provide a regular supply of this mineral.

23. Hydration


Radishes have good water content. This helps in keeping your body well hydrated all the time. It results in a healthy and well-hydrated skin. It fights dry and flaky skin too.

24. Skin Diseases


Radishes contain Vitamin C and antioxidants, which makes them quite effective in preventing skin diseases and inflammation. Regular inclusion of radishes in your diet results in healthy and radiant skin.

25. Clear Skin


The high fiber content found in radishes help you get rid of all harmful toxins present in your body. This, in turn, results in a clear skin.

26. Fights Skin Disorders


Radishes have great disinfectant properties. These help fight skin disorders. They can heal insect bites and stings. They can also cure pimples and acne.

27. Hair Loss


It is believed that regular consumption of radishes will help fight hair loss problems. In fact, the juice of black radish, when applied topically, is believed to stimulate hair growth. It strengthens your roots from within and prevents hair loss.

28. Dandruff


Radishes can also fight dandruff problems. Include lots of radishes in your daily diet whether in the form of salads or main dishes. Rub your scalp with radish juice and cover with the help of a towel. After an hour, wash it thoroughly.

29. Healthy Hair


Iron, found in radish, is essential for maintaining healthy hair. It helps improve the overall texture and health of your hair.

30. Stronger Roots And Scalp


The water content in radish keeps your body well hydrated. It also has cooling effects on your body. Regular consumption of radishes makes your roots stronger and your scalp healthier.