3 Secrets Of Garlic You Should Know

Garlic is probably the most wonderful plant from the Allium family, the same family to which onions belong. It is diversely used as an ingredient in cooking due to its strong smell, delicious taste, and spicy flavor. It not only gives good taste to the food but also is one of the most powerful antibiotics. It can heal many ailments and popularly known for its antibiotic, antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Garlic cloves have amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals. Consuming it raw have myriads of health benefits and it works as a powerful medicine

1. It is scientifically proven that it decreases cholesterol and high blood pressure. Daily consumption of garlic also prevents heart attack and coronary heart disease. It’s true!

2. If you have problems like flu, bug bites, cold, fungal infections, traveler’s diarrhea you should definitely consider trying garlic.

3.It can improve your immunity and the body’s ability to remove toxins. Garlic combined with ginger and onion can detoxify your body from chemotherapy.

The best way to consume garlic is raw, because of allicin, its active ingredient is decentralized by heat. Before consuming it crush and slice the clove, and leave it for 15 minutes. When you crush, it activates a reaction that makes allicin more active.