3 reasons why grooming matters

Social gatherings are more intimate occasions. That’s true not just emotionally, but also physically. People stand closely, look at screens and papers and other distractions less, and in general have way more time and inclination to look at the details of your appearance than you’re used to.


Trim the edges of beards and mustaches into shape on a daily basis. You know how guys without beards look scruffy and scraggly if they skip shaving for more than a day? That’s happening to the edges of your beard, too.

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You don’t need to do anything fancy on this one. Just go lightly over the edges of your facial hair with a trimmer and the appropriate guide comb, cutting everything back to a uniform length and making sure the outline (where the hair ends and naked skin begins) is nice and crisp.



Does this one sound really pathetically nit-picky to you?

Think again — eyebrows are actually one of your most important features.

Human beings use them to express a wide range of emotions.

A pair of cleanly-defined, fully separated eyebrows actually makes you a better talker — like in a literal, measurable way.

You are communicating more clearly than the guys with out of control brows.

That makes a couple minutes of at-home trimming one of the best time investments you’ll make this year. For the dedicatedly natty, eyebrow threading can do an even better job, but at the very least use some trimmers to tidy up the outline of each brow and make a clear separation above the bridge of your nose.


If you like to zone out with a newspaper while your barber does his thing, you may not have noticed the work he does along the back of your neck.

Most haircuts involve neatening up the nape, which is the bottom outline where your haircut end, usually on the back of the neck.

Guys with hairy backs will want to make sure their hairs aren’t creeping up to join the nape, or worse yet to be visible above the collar but below a naked, shaven strip of skin.

Be sure to groom yourself and look classy all the way.