3 Cute Ways To Style Braids

‘Uggh, it’s too heavy’,’ I can’t style it the way I want’ …….all this and more are some of the things we hear women say when it comes to braids, but they’re all not so true. Braids are a versatile hair style that lets you truly express your creativity when it comes to hair styling. Here are a few tips on how to style your braids, and bring out the inner amazon in you.


*Flip the braid to the front.

*Take two small parts from behind and twist them together (remember to pick hairs from the sides as you go along.

*Once you get to the front part start braiding all the way to the tip.

*Now, take the braid to one side and hold with a bobby pin. Voila, you have your braids styled.



*Separate your braids into two parts (front and back). Hold front part with a hair band.

*Wrap the front part into a bun and tuck into the hair band.