11 Hair rules you need to break now

HIDE YOUR GREYS: Grey hair used to mean old age and a reduction in beauty, hence women did whatever they could to hide it. However that’s not the case anymore, as grey hair is very much in style right now. So drop that bottle of dye right now, yes you. Why cause your grey’s are beautiful.

RED HAIR AND RED LIPSTICK: This used to be a no no, pairing red hair and red lipstick. Well not anymore, as both can be paired together, all you need do is to tone down the colour of one red, either the hair or lips.  Also tone down on your makeup, keeping it neutral.  Opt for cherry or scarlet red lipstick.

NO LONG HAIR AFTER 40: Yes, we know everyone says long hair makes you look older and as such women after 40 shouldn’t wear it. But that’s a hair rule you have to break, short hair is cool, but so is long hair. However, instead of wearing straight long hair, vamp it up by adding a bi of volume and curls to it. Also part it along the side to give a clear fresh view of your face.

WAVY BANGS ARE NOT COOL: This hair rule must also be broken, enough of the sleek straight bangs, how about you try wavy bangs. It’s really pretty and gives you a fresh girly look. Get this look by putting lotion in your hair and sweeping it to one side to air dry.

HEAT IS BAD FOR THE HAIR: There’s no such thing as too much heat for the hair. This hair rule must be broken.

TRIM EVERY SIX WEEKS: This has to be the silliest hair rule, cause there’s no way your hair grows in six weeks, hair doesn’t grow that fast. So to keep hair looking healthy trim every 10 weeks instead and use a hydrating cream on it’s ends.

DON’T WEAR WET HAIR: Who comes up with this stuff anyways? Why can’t you wear wet hair? That’s the easiest way to get control and polish in your hair, plus your hair is in complete uniform. To get this look, use a touch control whip from the root to the end of your hair.

FRIZZ HAIR IS OLD FASHIONED: Nope, another rule that must be broken. Frizzy hair has come to stay and it’s not going anywhere soon. It’s super fabulous and playful too.  To get this glamorous look, add texture and control to the hair tip using mousse, and then smoothen the roots with a medium hold hair spray.

UPDOS ARE FOR EVENING OUTINGS:  Break it; YES; updo’s are not for evening events only. You can totally wear updo’s during the day time too to add a touch of class to your daytime look.