10 New Beauty Secrets You Don’t Know


Here, are 10 tried-and-tricks tricks in game-changing detail. These are some of the little tricks you never knew existed, but transforms one’s look.

Wet your makeup brush before applying eyeshadow

Whenever you do a red carpet look always wet the brush before you put it into the eye shadow so that it’s more intense and that it lasts longer.

Lift your lid when apply eyeliner to your waterlines

Lining the waterlines seems simple enough, but here’s the thing: you’ve been doing it all wrong. Or rather, you could just be doing it better. lift the lid to really get inside the lash line, similar to tight-lining.

Take your non-writing hand, put it above your head, come down from above your head, and grab your eyelid and lift it up. It’s about pushing the liner, getting in between the lashes, and smudging it into the lash line.

Use two different kinds of liner for a cat eye.

Fellow cat eye enthusiasts, if you can’t find that one liner that does it all, that’s because it doesn’t really exist. To ensure a precise, yet matter finish, layer with different kinds of pigment.

You should start with kohl pencil because a lot of times the liquid liner can leave a lot of holes in between. After you smudge it between your lashes, then take liquid liner and sweep it into the cat eye.

Before tracing over with liquid liner, use a kohl pencil, brushing it on in little increments, starting from the inner corner along the lash line. Towards the end you can start lifting it up higher towards the flick. When it comes time for the flick, look at the curve of the bottom-lash line and draw the flick at that same angle.

Go for a ’70s-Inspired Feathered Brow

Lift your lids and take you time when you apply mascara

Wrap your hand around your head and lifting your lid with the opposite hand, and then really work the wand through the base of the roots. I almost count to thirty, doing it stroke-stroke-stroke-stroke. You have to dedicate that much time.

Use two different types of mascara

Always prep your face with toner and face oil

When you wash your face, you pad it dry with a towel it feels clean, but when you take a toner over it with a cotton square and you look at it, you can find foundation that you missed or even dead skin cells. After toner, use face oil to calm the skin down and make it less prone to producing pesky T-zone oil.

Use a very light hand when contouring

Use cream products, thinning them out a little on your hand, then contour and highlight with a light hand. strobe a lot too, with a strong highlight above the cheekbones and on the inner corner of the eye.

Don’t use a product straight out of the compact

Makeup artists constantly paint the back of their hands with product—and it isn’t for naught. They’re using it as a painter would their palette.

“Nothing goes directly from the compact to the face. It has to go through the back of the hand before it’s allowed on the face, to blend it out and get rid of excess product. If it’s a powder product you can tap it on your counter before it gets to your face.”

Take a Triple-Threat Approach to Your Lipstick

First line the perimeter of your lips, then fill in the entire lip area with a pencil. Then, instead of going straight for a stain or a liquid lipstick that’s kind of drying, opt for a moisturizing, long-wear lipstick. There are a lot of great brands now that have a good long-wear moisturizing one.Then on top of that, you can put a lip stain, and that won’t feather. It will lock it all in, but be less drying.