10 Commandments Of Harmattan Natural Hair Care

Natural hair can be cuddlers because of its nappy and kinky texture which makes it easier for the hair to tangle and break. This gets a lot worst  during the harmattan or winter season, requiring you to take extra care of it to avoid dryness and breakage. Here are 10 commandments to be obeyed during the harmattan season.

1. Thou shall pre-poo with coconut oil or olive hot oil treatment.


2. Thou shall use heavy creams, butters and oils as a sealant.




3. Thou shall always wear a satin scarf or cap under your hat.


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6. Thou shall not wash and go.


7. Thou shall not use coconut oil as a sealant.


8. Thou shall always wear a protective style.


9. Thou shall always wear a satin bonnet to sleep.


10. Thou shall drink lots of water.